lost history ... resurrected


The site

Created as a Jesuit mission, the oldest building was constructed shortly after the foundation of the new Panamá City in 1667.


The heart of Casco Viejo

Situated over a city block, hotel La Compañia will consist of four buildings located in Avenida A, Calle 8 and Avenida Central.  The site has the largest internal courtyard in Casco Viejo, adjacent to the ruins of the Jesuit church of 1739.  Across the street is the San Jose church from 1675, also known as the "Golden Altar" and bordering the opposite side on Avenida A, is the impressive Cathedral of Panamá.  The foundation stone is thought to have been laid on this Central American church in 1668.



Three wings of history

The hotel will have three wings, Spanish colonial, French colonial and American plantation. The restoration will take into account the history of the site and the history of Casco Viejo.

About Us

the rooms


french wing

this building from 1737 was originally built by the Jesuits as the first university in Panamá.  It was repurposed as apartments during the French period of the Canal.


spanish wing

this, the oldest of the four buildings was formerly completed some time in 1688 by the Jesuits, following the destruction of the original city of Panamá, by Captain Henry Morgan.  Following the Jesuit expulsion by Spain, this building became Hotel Washington, at that point this building was 150 years old.  However, bear in mind, it would still be another 30 years until the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower were finished.


american wing

the current building was built in 1905, created as a high end department store known as the American Bazaar.  Its beaux art architecture tells us the next story of Casco Viejo and the American period of the Canal.

a hint of our five restaurants and two bars


Corporal's Wines and Spirits

a name borrowed from the original Hotel Washington in the 1800's rekindled into an exclusive club.


The Bistro

come as you are, casual.  A meeting place at any time of day, wifi, usb stations with communal tables in a relaxed atmosphere. A guest when you enter, a friend when you leave. We look forward to recreating history and showing you this landmark site in Casco Viejo. Not just a hotel, not just a restaurant, but a living part of history


Nuevo Mundial

in the heart of the oldest part of Casco within calicanto (fieldstone) walls, cuisine from all over the world, infusing modern with classical in an era of colonial times.

Room Types

retail spaces will be available for rent , contact us for sizes

check back to see our development

a remarkable Hotel in the making, we are very excited to recreate this historical property into a new landmark in Panamá.

hotel La Compañia, Avenida A and Calle 8, Casco Viejo, Panamá City

opening 2021

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